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Pondering Stars

Chris poses an interesting question. Was Tom Bombadil evil? Nah.. more indifferent, I'd say. Oh, good natured certainly, in an abstract way, but human affairs weren't his worry.

Isn't that what you'd expect in a godlike being, really? Dictators and saints try to manipulate or compel people to live in certain ways, but that's because their chief concern is other people or because there's no other source of power to accomplish their ends. A God wouldn't be limited to working through human agents, and probably wouldn't concern themselves with humans. We think God's biggest concern is getting us to Heaven or sending us to Hell or numbering the hairs on our heads, but certainly a God who had created the whole Universe would have more important things to worry about than us. Thinking God is watching us so closely is just our vanity speaking.

Hmm, bunny grazing in the yard- no, two bunnies. Cute! I bet they think the yard was created just for their benefit.

The bunnies think God made me
To tend a lawn
So they can nibble
This sweet, dew-dropped grass.
I wonder, are they right?

Of course the Jesus People say the whole universe was created for our benefit. Ridiculous. I remember something about that Intelligent Design fraud the Jesus People tried to pull in Pennsylvania that time, some priest blathering that to believe anything else destroyed human dignity. What kind of dignity is it if it has to be based on a lie, and a stupid one at that? But then he's a priest, he's used to such things.


A hundred billion
Galaxies, made just for us?
If you say so, Ace.

Well, it's haiku in form. But I think I can do better.

Maybe redo the bunnies too. I can't do them both as one haiku, not clever enough for that today, but I can do a pair to go together.

Bunnies nibble grass
Think I was made to tend lawns
For their convenience

We look at the sky
And think the infinite stars
Were all made for ours

What do you call a pair of haiku that have to go together? Are they even haiku? It's really one poem, not two.

Oh well, it is what it is.


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