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Any day out of the office is a good one. I went out to do a couple inspections today.

I found and rescued a trapped bird at one of the sites. I felt moved to tweet about it, using the fancy-Dan new thingie I found called Twitter. Maybe you've heard of it.

(Tweet:) I rescued a fledgling who got his foot caught in a slot in a steel beam at a natural gas production facility. They never thank you.

Ran around and did the rest of my stuff. On my way back to the office I stopped to carry a tortoise off the highway. I have to do at least one turtle rescue each spring, so now my spring is complete I guess.

(Tweet:) Rescued turtle from the highway. They never thank you either.

Sometime after I got an email that some natural gas production management company in Austin, Texas, was following my tweets. Haiku ensued:

Some gas company
Follows my tweets, who knows why?
Hope they like haiku

Of course when I investigated this Leading Upstanding Natural Gas Management Company I found they were NOT following me. They had something like 100 followers but were only following one person, and it wasn't me.

The answer is obvious. I had mentioned natural gas production in one of my tweets. They must have some sort of twitterbot, a critter I didn't know existed, that searched tweets for those words, followed anyone who mentioned them, and then unfollowed them again. It was all just an elaborate way of spamming, in other words.

I'm annoyed at that of course. Spammers Must Die. Still, you have to admire all the hard work and dedication needed to pull off this particular bit of annoyance. And they didn't steal anything but my time and Twitter's bandwidth, didn't steal anyone's pension, didn't kill anyone, didn't overthrow any small oil-rich countries, so by the standards of Good Honest Businessmen they're not all that slimy at all. Probably.


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