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Trick or Treat Anthology

Rabbit Valley is putting out an anthology called Trick or Treat. I've got a story in there. Take a look if you will! It's open for preorders.

Trick or Treat Anthology

The Tricks are horror stories. The Treats are erotic stories. Mine is one of the horror stories, of course-- I don't write erotica. Because of deep moral conviction? Nah. I just stink at it. :)

Of course that means I can't buy Mom a copy. I'm not ashamed of what I wrote, of course. I didn't do none of that there pornography smut sex stuff. No, just good old clean blood and gore and body parts flying out the windows and mass killing murder and mayhem! Good clean entertainment! George Carlan had choice words about that- about how torture and murder are considered proper entertainment and sex isn't. But like most of his words, I can't repeat them here. :)

Anyway. The stories, by classification, were written by:

Renee Carter Hall
Bill "Hafoc" Rogers
Ray "Stormcatcher" Curtone
Tarl "Voice" Hoch

NightEyes DaySpring
Naomi Bellina
Whyte Yoté
Roland Jovaik
Ianus J. Wolf

It's a collection of good stories from good writers- whether or not you include me and mine among those.

My story? It's just a little tale of Teen High School Angst. You know, it can be SOOOO hard at that age to find that sense of... special... identity. To really know yourself.

Hee hee hee.
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