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A Day in the Life

As one of my co-workers said, we paid for a hot summer with that cold winter that never ended. We sure aren't getting it. It was about 50 degrees and raining this morning, expected high 56. I don't think it made it.

I was completely out of it all day. I have no idea why I was so tired. But first thing I did, I whanged my shin on something inside the Subie hard enough I was afraid the blood would damage my khakis. It is symptomatic that I can't remember exactly what I hit or how.

Work, coffee, and accomplished very little, if anything. I got through my inbox and decided what tasks I had to do, that was about it. I tried to read through some meeting notes I was supposed to review but kept nodding off.

Nothing's wrong that I know of. Some days you just can't get started.
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