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A Commonplace Life

Notes and Stories, Mine and Those of Others

Hafoc appeared upon this planet in a puff of sulfurous smoke a long, long time ago. He recently overthrew Generalissimo Max Syko to become the new Commander in Chief of WoConCom, World Conspiricy Command, the THEY people. He resides in a fine bat-filled abandoned copper mine somewhere beneath northern Michigan (with wonderful view-- for an abandoned mine-- and a large indoor swimming pool) while perfecting his mind control projector array. His hobbies include world domination, cackling, squinting in a sinister manner, rubbing his hands together in glee, writing vastly complicated unpublised SF-fantasy epics, finding new uses for spaghetti sauce, and being annoyed by small children and by his cats, Penny, Patches, and Shadow. His great friend and cavemate Tephra puts up with him. Although grasping ever more power, even he can't stop spammers, although he does promise they will be the first ones up against the wall when the revolution comes.